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. the nra has been clear thought would meet any gun laws with serious resistance. >> they are getting the message out rncht president's kids more important than yours? why is he skeptical but putting armed security in schools when his kids are protected at their schools? >> jon: and why does he get to veto bills and command an army when we don't? all right so the conversation has started and we're off to a deplorable start. [ laughter ] i swear to you if i didn't know any better and i'm not a big conspiracy guy, i would think the nra is an elaborate after vant geard joaquin phoenix style joke or a false flag operation run by michael moore in an attempt to discredit responsible gun owners. your response, mr. president. >> i believe the second amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. i believe most gun owners agree we can respect the second amendment while keeping an irresponsible law breaking few from inflicting harm on a massive scale. >> jon: interesting open on his part. i thought he was going to say if you bring up my kids again i'll drum strike you're (bleep) to king
something. the nra is not the political force it once was. they have marginalized themselves through their conduct of the last few weeks and we absolutely have a moment in time where we can pass anti-gun violence legislation if the president sticks to his advocacy. >> it's a moment in time but it is still an uphill climb. as you know, the connecticut legislature is considering some major changes to the state's already progressive mental health policy. but what are the chances you and your senate colleagues will agree on comprehensive legislation along the lines of what president obama is proposing? >> i think the chances are high. you've already seen democrats who previously had basically stuck to the nra line, breaking with the nra. you have seen republicans in the house of representatives saying they are willing to consider pretty remarkable gun legislation. i just think this mythology that's been built up about the impossibility of gun reform has been shattered. it's been shattered first by what happened in newtown. everything is different after those 20 kids died. but it's also c
had columbine, his entire package fell flat. >> congressman, you had an a rating from the nra. >> right. >> and you actually voted for reducing the waiting time for buying a weapon from three days to one day. >> right. >> do you think that we're at a ing point, that there will be some kind of a seismic change? >> yeah, i do. since the topic is politics and guns, i would as a parenthetical that a lot of people widely credit the 1993 crime bill for the reason that the republicans took the majority for the first time in 40 years. so it really has a lot to do with the politics. and i'm very grateful to be at the university of chicago, another note. i think only in chicago could you have something called the nonpartisan bipartisan center for politics with david axlerod and rahm emanuel. [laughter] >> that's a whole different story. >> we had to come back as bipartisan in this city. >> oh, you do? [laughter] if you go so far to the right, you basically come back to the left. >> but i think the conversation's changed since newtown, and i will tell you that -- and this goes to i don't
hate to say that, but i've said it before. the nra is in the dna of the g.o.p. they're not going to let it out. they might have a hearing. i don't think they'll let a bill come out. the senate will come out and i don't know if they'll be able to deal with it. they like the nra and the nra likes to sell guns and they like to sell high capacity magazines. i'm not against the nra per se. i'm not against the second amendment. but i am against the high capacity magazines and the assault rifles, and i think the reasonable restrictions we can have in this country to protect the public and background checks loopholes at gun shows needs to be stopped but i don't think the government will let it happen. >> michael: it's december pressing when you see the news, all this gunfire and the republicans will not move because they're in the hands of the nra. it's really pathetic. they are a bunch of clowns sometimes. we are a better country because of people like you. thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: it's been 39 days since the tragedy at sandy hook. at least 1131 has died from gun violence. that's
the answer. there is no -- in pennsylvania, there's a gun culture. the nra people win because they're relentless. we'll talk about gun control now and talk about climate change and talk about peace in iran. then talk about something else, fiscal accountability, poor people and gay rights and the gun people never stop talking about guns. they will keep a record on anybody that votes against them, a life record and nail you against any vote any time in your career. it's tough business. i think there's a chance on browned checks. it's -- background checks. it's very hard to say give a gun to anybody. information about who gets guns. crazy people getting guns. scary guns getting in the hands of scary people. i think that's an argument hard for them to oppose. >> i think also high capacity magazines, even though that's a tougher slope. >> harder fight. >> things are changing. i've said this before, i'll say it again, whatever the nra gives the next two years to candidates, outside groups are going to give more. newtown changed everything. >> newtown changed everything. the nra makes mis
like the nra, who oppose all restrictions on gun ownership. [ laughter ] you know who i dare him to sit down with? overnight internet celebrity and ceo of tactical response firearms training center james yeager, who reacted to the administration's upcoming gun grab in measured tones. >> (bleep) that. [ laughter ] i'm telling you that if that happens it's going to spark a civil war and i'll be glad to fire the first shot. i'm not (bleep) putting up with this, i am not letting my country be ruled by a dictator, i'm not letting anybody take my guns. if it goes one inch further, i'm gonna start killing people. [ laughter ] >> stephen: yes. why would you ever want to take away his guns? [ laughter ] now, folks -- [cheers and applause] not entirely appropriate to shimmy during this discussion so i saw an opportunity and i took it. [ laughter ] now, yeager took a little heat for his passion about the second amendment, so after a day to cool down and reflect, he expressed himself in a much calmer manner. >> i was mad when i said it and probably allowed my mouth to overrun my logic. but i don't
, but the gun in the wrong hands. remember, the nra doesn't want the gun banned, but don't want the gun checks at gun shows. how do you keep them out of the people that are violent-- >> there's nothing in the new laws, kate, that's going to prevent, which we all want, another tragedy. but a lot of movement, a lot of hysterihysteria, a lot of-- and andrew cuomo, lives are going to be saved. that's just not true. >> you never hear reasonable explanation, how it's going to have a positive impact. the segment with jessie showed the complete emptiness in this legislation. the most dangerous are the popular ones, handguns and the rifles. they're not on the list, it's easier for the second amendment opponents to go after the big scary looking guns with the cosmetics features that do nothing to enhance the shooting capacity, but it really showed that this is just an intent it to liable guns as scary and dangerous, but they're not, these ridiculous restrictions are not actually going to have an impact in terms of making us any safer and in fact make it it-- >> let me throw it back to leslie. for exampl
whistle or a wolf call. the timing of it, to saying in of the fact that last week the nra released a target shooting video game one month after newtown. is this as tasteless as it seems? >> i don't know, but it would be for internet hits? i don't understand the reasoning. >> just perhaps they're stupid. maybe they were not giving that enough energy, they're stupid and they keep doing stupid things. did you not see the nra press conference? that is a stupid man. no one gets up and say that much nonsense a week later. >> john: and then a week later release as video game. >> right. >> john: i'm not going to talk about michelle obama's hair. >> i love her hair. >> john: she has more bangs than the 70s combined. >> stop talking about the hair. >> john: all right, a lot of people wanted to be at today's inauguration. but paul ryan went because he said it was his obligation. then he was booed when he walked in. was that expected or because people want medicare. >> i wonder why he thought that wasn't going to happen. you did nothing but slander the president for a good year. nothing but ra
. i passed a gun safety ordinance where the room was filled with opponents and nra representatives and we passed it which was to hold people responsible for not storing their guns because we had an epidemic of children shooting themselves and out of that ordinance and ultimately becoming a state law we have seen a decrease in gun shootings amongst children taking their parent's guns. not perfect. so texas is changing. i want really now to focus on those injured but i'm just hoping as we get through this, find out who have been injured and pray for their family that we will be able to have a discussion, not only in texas but in the nation on how we address this question. >> congresswoman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you so very much for having me. >> jennifer summer with houston community newspapers and joins us on the phone from the scene of this shooting. when's the latest? what do you know? >> well, i know that just about ten minutes ago, they had the houston police s.w.a.t. team go on the campus but relatively from -- in the past 30 minutes, the scene calmed down slightly
a difference. this is absolutely making a difference. and i would say to the nra or anybody that says, hey, this isn't the problem, if it's not the problem, it will make a difference, it should make a difference banning them. let's err on the side of caution, keep the kids safe. thank you. >> let me also echo again my appreciation for commissioner dr. joe marshall because omega boys club has been a great partner. they are part of our effort to organize commutes, to intervene as early as we can, and i totally agree with the chief that these particular guns, if you look at them up front and close, you'll see they really shouldn't be in anybody's homes. they're designed to kill folks. many of them military style. i think to bring home the real story here is dr. andrei campbell of our san francisco general hospital, and also on staff at ucsf. he is at the forefront of world class trauma center that we have. and if you go day to day, and certainly with the 67 homicides that we have with the numbers of bodies that were showing up and people have shown up, many of which he saved, many of which he
this is a direct frontal assault on a fixed position on the nra. very brave stuff he is doing. >> this president who stood there and said, we don't to have choose between investing in our kids and medicare. this is president who invented time travel. he has figured out how to travel into the future and steal our own children's money. and he did that. but yet he is the one saying that of course, republicans just took a shot at republicans for -- >> here's what i'm wondering. i hear you. i hear both of you. i wonder, this is a tactical shift. last go-around, he got pushed around so much by the republicans. this time he is going to do the pushing. and he knows, if he is going to have a legacy piece, if it is going to get the legislation that gets through, it will have to be deficits. nixon in china. who can reform entitlements but a democratic president. he is starting where he is. he is starting with the bases. he is not a progressive as a centrist. he is doubling down as a progressive. that is where he is. if he is going on move to the center, maybe that happens later. he won't pretend to be ther
americans, republicans, nra members, agree with the very basic answers, which are the magazines and the automatic weapons and so on. but we are very, very impassioned people who believe the second amendment is a bible. one more quick point. two different versions of the second amendment were passed. one passed by congress had a capital letter for state and militia. the one passed by the state had a lower case. so it was a compromise right from the beginning. two very different interm tashzs of what that second amendment means. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> there are two designers anxiously awaiting to see whether michelle obama wore his or her dress tonight. she had about 15 designers who send her designs. >> it will be an american designer. >> they do not know who it will be, and they will see when the world sees. the president and the first lady will be hitting the dance floor for the first dance in a couple hours. first, beyonce today with an absolutely beautiful -- >> that was the best rendition of the national anthem i have ever heard. ♪ o say, can you see by t
and gun violence but which has a higher than average rate of gun ownership. now, in the nra's math, that should mean that these things should never happen because there are more guns in texas. you shouldn't have incidents like that. there are lots and lots of guns there. here you had from what we're understanding, more than one person with a gun. to their calculus that should mean no shootings should happen. people being shot in the cross fire of gun violence is something so common on the streets of so many cities that it's clear that we have to address it. we simply have to. >> it's a public health problem. >> exactly. >> sorry, david, very quickly. >> i was just going to say in texas they are pushing a law that would allow concealed carry on college campuses. obviously not a good idea. >> joy, david, thank you both. we go to the white house next when we come back. do stay with us. so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ]
and -- >> strategically, a parallel has been drawn between the passion of gun activists and the nra and activist abortion groups. let me read to you from politico. susan b. anthony list, americans united for life and concerned women for america have brought on board a new generation of younger anti-abortion activists who are media-savvy, skilled at fund-raising and able to extend the reach of the movement deep into state houses and on ballots nationwide. so we don't have a lot of time left, but what's the strategy on the other side, on your side? >> the strategy on our side is what it has been all along, which is to educate, inform and organize and mobilize people at the grassroots who understand that reproductive freedom and choice is a fundamental right of women and that women's rights are human rights and we have to always be vigilant and fight against those who would take away that right. and i think, you know, when i became president of the organization in 1984-85, the passion was on the anti-abortion side. i think this last election in 2012 shows that the country has moved to understand that reprod
? you can put somebody there to guard the gates like they do at the airport. host: the nra brought about. guest: they were highly criticized for that press conference a few weeks ago with how their ideas are going forward at the newtown. from the democratic perspective, the fewer guns, the less likely there will be violence and danger in our schools. from the gun control opponents, the issue should be about keeping the schools safer from a person who is mentally unbalanced and barging in with a weapon. there's a controversy about that. you heard president obama speak about this a couple of weeks ago when he laid out his gun-control initiative and talked about providing resource officers for schools and extra security for schools that wanted it. he did not want to force the security or turn the school into a fortress. you want to make it a school but is welcoming and open. on the other hand, the nra people are saying you want to make it harder for someone to come in and one way to do that is to put somebody who is armed in the schools so you don't know if there is someone there who can fi
, and if they put somebody there at the gates like they did in the airports and things like that. host: the nra bought it up. guest: they were highly criticized for that press conference a few weeks ago. again, a difference in opinion on how we should go about making schools safer. from the democratic perspective, the fewer guns, the less likely that there will be violent and dangers in our schools. from the gun control opponents, people who do not want to see restrictions, they should be about keeping the schools safer from a person who is mentally unbalanced, marching in with their weapons. and there is controversy about that. you heard obama speak about this a couple weeks ago when he laid out his initiative, and he talked about providing resources officers to school and access occurred 84 schools that wanted it. he did not want to force it. you do not want to turn a school fortress.rc the nra folks are saying you want to make it much harder for folks to come in. you do not know if there is thought to be somebody there who will fire back at you. people coming at different directions, and you
received an "a" from the nra. senator kobishar, you have received an "f" from the nra. as women, where could you two agree and set an example, given that you are so far apart on the issue of gun control? >> i think one of the areas that we can agree is to sit down and analyze what actually can work. there's things that we can all agree on that need to be done. and one of our big pushes is going to be the mental health system and helping children if they have a child that's in the basement that they think could do this, where do they go today? that's the common ground we all share. >> heidi was a former attorney general. i was a former prosecutor. the issues of school safety mental illness, we can get something down on background checks. obviously i'd like to do something on the high capacity magazines and other things. i'm hopeful when we sit down and look at these things that there can be common ground. we have to do it for the kids of america. people are expecting us to get something done here. >> you know it's important -- and you've just recognized it -- to under
reason why he's running the president's effort on gun control, taking on the nra. >> i've done this before. i passed assault weapons ban. >> reporter: more than 20 years ago. >> yeah. and because the so-called biden crime bill had a life span of 20 years and had to be renewed during the bush administration, there was no desire in 2004 to renew it. but that doesn't mean there's still not a consensus for a bulk of what we're proposing. >> so can you guarantee that the president will sign some form of general legislation? >> look, i can't guarantee anything that the congress is going to sign but i can guarantee you that the president and i are absolutely committed to take this fight to the american people for a rational gun safety policy in america. >> reporter: and he is smack in the middle of a fiscal fight. now he's ready for round two and predicts republicans will be different. sdl. >> they finally figured it out. all of this plus sister that they are going to reanything on the debt, they will not. because there are more responsible people in the party than irresponsible. so i
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)